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As an advocate, you understand the value in expressing your core fundamentals through fashion. You understand the importance of education in fashion and expanding the conversation to empower others to transform the future to aid a cleaner society for the next generation. You know your input matters and you are willing to immerse yourself in becoming a more conscious individual, using style to self-express your unfiltered, kind being. Not everyone is at the same level, but by making incremental changes into your everyday lifestyle, you are showing how easy the adoption process may be and offering solutions to create a lasting impact in your community. Either that be online or in-person, people care what you have to share. 





#WearOurValues is a call-to-action to raise awareness and show your solutions and impact to aid the effects of the fashion industry. When sharing #WearOurValues, you are communicating how the clothes you wear are reflective of who you are and what you stand for. You have the ability to spread awareness, show your direct input, and discover and connect with other like-minded individuals.


The beauty of using a hashtag is it is inclusive to everyone. The more you share, the more people see, and the greater our collective thinking around consumption changes. By empowering the consumers to generate attention in the ways we can transform our everyday lifestyle, we are creating a lasting impact on the people around us. The more #WearOurValues is seen, the more curious your community becomes and the more willing others will be to adopt.


Start and join conversations, connecting with other advocates of the sustainable fashion movement on a global scale. Share the businesses, vendors, brands, designers, stylists, artisans and yourself who are offering solutions for consumers to wear their values, advocate for a cleaner industry, and aiding the impact for future generations so that they can have safer options. 


Communicate the simplicity in wearing our values as a reflection of ourselves and the brands aligned with the movement. 


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